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Interactive dialogue – part 3

Wow this has been really some time off the game. We’ve actually run to the point of doing nothing for months, because after finishing a basic game engine – and being quite content with being able to make a prototype game to test its neat features – we’re quite daunted by the fact that we somehow have to start making lots and lots of graphics, sounds, etc and therefore have to start working on the more boring stuff of building a good tool for putting in these game assets, which should prevent pulling out hairs every time you want to test e.g. changing a parallax layer or a few altered pixels in a sprite sheet.

Anyway for the interactive dialogue, which this post is about, this tool should not be necessary, since the input format should be easy enough to edit and understand without needing a separate tool. Check out the previous two posts on this topic for some context on this.

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Interactive dialogue – part 2

Having extended the holiday slumber for way too long, let’s continue with interactive dialogue.

This time I’ll go through an input (YAML) file that shows all of the currently available interactive dialogue features, which I’ll try to explain in detail.

In the next (and last) post on this topic I’ll show you the layout of classes that make up our dialogue model & dialogue engine and finally an embarrassing parsing function that parses the input file and maps its contents onto the dialogue model.

Now, let’s have a look at the example:

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